IMO Olympiad – Everything You need to Know

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different countries by the IMO Foundation.

Conducted at two levels, the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad looks is best prepared with math Olympiad sample questions. It looks like the below:

 Level 1: The respective schools of the participants hold this test.

  • Comprising 35 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 1 to class 4 and 50 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class 5 to class 12, the level 1 competition is an objective-type test of 60 minutes duration.

There are four sections:

  • Section-1: Logical Reasoning
  • Section-2: Mathematical Reasoning
  • Section-3: Everyday Mathematics
  • Section-4:Achievers Section
  1. There are separate question papers for each class.
  2. The medium is English.
  3. Setting of the test papers is done with CBSE, ICSE/ISC and State Board syllabi.
  4. The exam is conducted during school hours.

Level 2: This test is conducted for students of class 3 to class 12. The second round includes the following:

  1. Zone wise top 25 rank holders class wise.
  2. Class wise top 5% of candidates who appeared for the 1st level exam.
  3. Topper of the class where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50%.


Preparation required:

Know the Syllabus:

Don’t prepare a topic not covered under the syllabus. To name a few – questions will come from arithmetic of integers, geometry, quadratic equations and expressions, trigonometry, coordinate geometry etc. Practice math Olympiad sample questions thoroughly.

Understand the Level:

Each concept has to be understood with a higher level of theoretical and practical knowledge. Research is important

Use Time as a Tool

Go to sites that offer practice tests, share information on how to solve difficult math problems or discuss the level of questions.

Stick to a Schedule

Start your preparation well in time. To practice all the Olympiad topics thoroughly, divide your time and develop a time table.

Practice makes Perfect

Stick to the schedule prepared. Cover the backlogs as quickly and efficiently as possible or readjust your time table.

Online Tests are Important

Practice, practice and continue to practice math Olympiad sample questions.

Consult Teachers

Certain topics and questions are going to be problematic. Make a note of them. Ask your teacher and she/he will help you to excel in those.

Stay Relaxed

Share a cup of hot chocolate with your parents and learn to relax, take deep breaths or go for a walk. It’s just another exam.


A complete guide to IEO Olympiad Exam Preparation

Olympiad examinations are school level exams. To develop the child for preparation of future challenges and competition is the objective of these exams, as you know that the competition is increasing day by day. To be ready for any future challenges of tougher exams is what the Olympiad prepares kids for. A child gets exposed to various subjects, which are very much related to his or her school syllabus by participating in these exams.

There is a written objective type test of 60 minutes’ duration in International English Olympiad. The number of multiple choice questions is 35 for Class 1 to Class 4. And the number of multiple choice questions is 50 for Class 5 to class 12.

The 4 sections in this exam are- Word and Structure Knowledge, Reading, Spoken and Written Expression and Achievers Section.

How to prepare:

  • Practice is the key to make it perfect. 70% of your IEO preparation comprises of practice. We offer over 3.5 lakh questions and Olympiad exam preparation free test papers in our question bank to help you learn and strengthen concepts.
  • All-India Level mock tests are essential: To improve your efficiency at attempting questions, give time-bound mock tests in a completely exam-like environment.
  • Don’t get stuck with doubts: Clear all your doubts. To get an instant reply – discuss and clarify them with us.
  • Pick up the best sources: You need NCERT and several recommended books for IEO as the minimum resources. We offer the best study material from all over the web to help you prepare better along with IEO previous year sample papers class 3 level 2.
  • Extremely important is revision: Maintain revision notes in the form of bullet points when you go through a formula or concept. A good revision pattern will take less time and revision will be useful when the exam is close.


Sample Papers for IEO

If you want to stay ahead of the stiff competition in IEO 2018, solving sample papers and previous year papers is not only advisable, but also mandatory. While also assisting you in learning efficient time management, it will help you prepare for the expected paper.

Previous Years’ Papers for IEO

Practicing Olympiad exam preparation free test papers is important as it helps you simulate the real exam. We help to provide you with a complete set of all question banks from previous years to sharpen your skills and help you prepare in the best possible manner.

Know How to Prepare for Science Olympiad Questions for Class 1

Right on the day you come to school or some of your companions, you will find opportunities and scholarships in educational competitions like Olympiad. Prepare in the manner you can join the line of these geniuses too.

These examinations of International level are for students from Class I to XII. Science, Maths, Computers, English Olympiad are main, although Hindi, French, General Knowledge, History etc. are also Olympiad. Nowadays some Olympiad forms are going to be filled and after some it will start filling.

Syllabus and Paper – There is a syllabus for your class up to CBSE and ICSE. – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are asked in the paper. One hour paper has to solve 50 questions.

How to prepare – Start preparing for the Olympiad one and a half to two months ago. Get science Olympiad questions for class 1 from help book. Make your routine so that you can do Olympiad for one and a half hour daily. With school education, it will take time to cover all the subjects of Olympiad and practice online. – Give every subject equal time. In the subject or topic you are not a condom, do it first and give more time.

What and how to read – First of all you check the Olympiad syllabus. You will easily find Olympiad workbooks, eBooks, past papers and sample test papers. You can ask them either through school, large bookshops in the market, or by downloading themselves or through the website of that organization.  Olympiad Institutions also offer online mock tests on their website to prepare. You must definitely attach this mock test. As well as practicing this, you also know the pattern of the paper. One can also download international Olympiad of mathematics question papers from internet

The Need for Effective Olympiad Exam Preparation

The International Mathematical Olympiad (International Mathematical Olympiad IMO for its acronym in English) is an annual competition for pre -university students and is the oldest of the International Science Olympiad.

The competition consists of two questionnaires with three problems each. Each question gives a maximum score of 7 points, with a total maximum score of 42 points. The test takes place in two days, in each of which the contestant has four and a half hours to solve three of the problems. These are chosen among several areas of mathematics seen in high school,

The score of each participant is agreed between the leader and the co-leader of the team together with the coordinators or qualifiers of the host country (or the leader of the country that sent the problem to qualify the contestants of the host country). If there is no agreement or any other type of dispute arises, the final decision corresponds to the Jury.

The selection process is different depending on the country, but it often consists of a series of tests that filter the number of students in each one. Prizes are awarded in relation to a high percentage of individual participants. The teams are not officially recognized, all the results are for the contestants individually. The team’s score is unofficially a comparison of the individual scores. Participants must be under the age of twenty and must not be enrolled in any institution of higher education. Under these conditions, an individual can participate as a lot of times as he wishes in the IMO.


To do Olympiad exam preparation one can take coaching from best institutes. One can easily find the best coaching centre for the imo Olympiad test. These centres also provides imo Olympiad sample papers to their students.

What is IMO? – IMO Olympiad Sample Papers, Preparation Tips

IMO stands for International Mathematical Olympiad. This is the mathematics world championship for high school students conducted annually in different countries across the world. This Olympiad aims at encouraging and promoting an academic environment for and raising the interest of young people in Mathematics learning. In present time, more than 100 countries from 5 continents participate in IMO.


Well, IMO Olympiad is well known that the Google was once the sponsor in the year 2016. IMO is the final level followed by RMO and INMO. Hence, only the students who have qualify these two exams will be able to participate in IMO. IMO Olympiad Sample Papers can help the students to get the insight knowledge of the Olympiad. The students will get to know the nature and pattern of the question paper. Now let’s know what the secret to score high in the exam are

How to Prepare for Olympiad Exams

The preparation tips are not for particular exams, they can be applied in any of the thing you are preparing for. Here are some preparation tips which will help you to clear the exams with satisfying marks.

  • Ample Study Plan – The students who are preparing for the any of the exam need to follow the proper study plan by preparing a complete strategy for every particular subject.
  • Time Management – Managing time in every area is important. It works like a miracle. You can manage the time as per the difficulty level of the subject and can spend more time on that particular subject.
  • Self Believe – It is true saying that if you give up on yourself, no one is going to take stand for you until you don’t for yourself. Self-believing is very important to achieve your goal.